GSSM Student's Testimonial

Time with Pastor Bill Whitney


A team from Global School went to teach and lead an outreach at a Bill Whitney's church, Freedom Faith Fellowship. We had taught the congregation how to hear the voice of God and as well as the protocol to the prophetic. During the activation time, the church members gave my team amazingly accurate words. After the service we had planned to go to the local mall with whomever wanted to join to apply what was just taught. However, we never ended up leaving the hotel which the church met at! Instead, we ended up giving words of knowledge to the concierge and started praying for her. We spent over an hour ministering to her, interpreting tattoos and dreams, praying for healing, and explaining the gospel...

She was an atheist and when we had finished pouring into her life she was really touched! She was telling us how she wanted to bring her kids to the church services and she thanked us for taking the time to talk with her. Later in the day we went back to Pastor Bill's for lunch and one of the team members with us noticed his front steps being dysfunctional and dangerous. The team member asked pastor bill if he could come back and fix it for him tomorrow. The next day he came back and fixed the step. It was such a fun journey for us and it was great to hear from Pastor Bill that he and his churched had been blessed by us coming there. 

Global School students who went to Salem, Mass.

A team of students from Global School of Supernatural Ministry joined other Harrisburg-area believers on a trip to the world's largest psychic and witch festival in Salem, Mass. in October. To reach out to the hundreds of people seeking spiritual experiences they set up three tents with "new age" decor and signs that offered "dream interpretation", "tattoo interpretation", "spiritual reading", "spiritual cleansing", and a big one that said "FREE". Non-stop huge crowds lined up and waited from the start of the days to the finish. Some waited up to an hour. The students simply asked God what He wanted to tell each person specifically and then shared it with them. The Lord touched some physically; sometimes He just wanted to tell them what He thought about them and others He healed physically.

The students reported being unable to count the number of festival-goers they prayed for--one lost count after 100. They return energized with many testimonies of hungry people getting a taste of God's powerful love for them. They even expressed the desire that this outreach was part of ministry school curriculum! We give thanks with them and for them that Jesus brings light into darkness, and darkness can never overcome it.


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