Chris Gore coming to Global School

Global School of Supernatural Ministry invites you to an evening of testimony, hope and a greater measure of healing with Chris Gore, Director of Healing Ministries at Bethel Church in Redding, California, Friday, January 23rdat 6 p.m. at the Apostolic Resource Center of Global Awakening in Mechanicsburg, PA!

Chris and his wife Liz were pastors in New Zealand. They believed in healing for many years, but until 2005 had failed to see anybody healed, even after praying for close to 1000 people. In 2005, Chris had an incredible encounter with God and saw his first person instantly healed. In 2006 Chris went on a missions trip to India with Randy Clark and saw many thousands of people healed by the power of Jesus, including many blind eyes opening, deaf ears been unstopped, the lame walking and cancer tumors dissolving in his hands.

When Chris and his team are with us, you will very probably laugh, shed some tears, and definitely have a new appreciation for how good God is. Above all, the Gores love the presence of Jesus. They also love seeing other people experience the reality of the presence of God and seeing Him touch them and experience his power, love and joy!

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