Global School Practicum Trips

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From February 24–May 1, our second year Global School students travel for their Practicum. The Practicum is a time for the students to have a practical time of putting into action what they’ve learned in the first and second years of GSSM.

We’ve started to get reports back from the ministry of our students, and it’s exciting to hear what God has been doing through them! We’re always proud of our students, we’ve already heard from a couple of pastors about them…


I just wanted to give your team some praise and let you know that they did an amazing job. They were polite, they were honorable; they brought the house down with their teaching, their prophecies, and their attitudes. They are welcome any time and you guys are doing an amazing job training and raising up revivalists to carry the goodness.


The team really couldn't have done a better job of representing the school, Randy, or Jesus any better than they did! They really came to serve and it showed in everything they did. They handled some schedule changes with grace, accepted a few more ministry opportunities we presented to them with enthusiasm, and served in unexpected and unasked ways (e.g., stacking the chairs after our sunday service, surprising one of the host families by staining some unfinished wood projects while they were at work, and even purchasing $100 worth of cloth diapers for me and my wife’s 8 month old son as a personal gift). They really felt more like family than a ministry team from the school. We really loved having them. They both instructed and inspired many people in the many different settings they ministered in.

They have my deepest respect and love. I speak for all up here when I say we really loved them and are thrilled they were sent! Thanks so much for making it all happen!

Please keep our Practicum teams in your prayers, as they bless others, and have the truth they’ve learned embedded deeper into their lives.

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