VOA Kids 2016 Testimonies


A big highlight each year at Voice of the Apostles is the VOA Kids program, and 2016 was no exception. Each day we heard an increasing number of testimonies of children being touch deeply by God through the times of worship, teaching, and prayer. What an honor it was to create a space for these kids to encounter God is such incredible ways! Read on for first hand testimonies of what God did during VOA Kids 2016.


“My son had a GREAT and POWERFUL time.  This was his first time at this conference and he is 6.  I was a bit nervous how he would like it since he was alone but it was a major hit.  It’s a little hard to get much detail out of him since he is 6 but I can tell it had a big impact on him.  Thanks so much for a wonderful event!”

— Jon

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“My daughter says she feels completely changed, and I can feel it and see it. She does not feel like an orphan anymore. After Will Hart prayed for her she was slain in spirit, I asked her after we were seated back down in the freedom hall if she was okay, and her response was I want more of the joy! She loved the entire program. She said it was the best thing that she has ever done.”

— Donna

“My daughter and I were so amazed to see the dedication, and passion Global imparted to the children. My daughter is still a bit scared​ of the Presence when the fire comes even though she's used to seeing it at this point of her life, because I take her along with me where ever I go, and do things like embarrassing her at Walmart when I see a knee wrapped, or an ailment of any kind. I noticed that Global had the children do a journal. My daughter's favorite part of her journal that she was most proud of was a picture of children laying on the ground with Will Hart standing over them with a bubble by his said that said Fire! I've never seen her as excited about going to class as she was the week of VOA.

It was a first class experience for us, and we honor the dedication, time and hard work that went into the children and the experience they received. I've noticed real breakthrough in her character since we've returned. Her confidence level has really grown. God willing, we'll see you again next year.”

— Adrian

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“This was my son's first VOA kids experience. He was so excited all week, but didn't know what to expect. That night my son was overwhelmed by the presence of Holy Spirit, when he came to he just kept expressing how he felt special. Papa had showed him how special he was. Though this seemed small and maybe insignificant, that change that has occurred in how he sees himself and circumstances has changed. He walks with a new found confidence and respect and honor for those around him. He is more excited to walk with Jesus.

As a parent this is exciting. He is stepping into who God created him to be and finding God's purpose for him! He knows he is special to His Papa God!! Thank you for all you did! For honoring our children and pouring time and love into them!! My son enjoyed it very much!!”

— Nikki

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“My son had the best time! My daughter had a really great time as well. My son really enjoyed having Mr. Travis as his leader and talked about him pretty much nonstop, even after we've been home. Sunday morning we weren't able to go to church and my son said he was so sad because he really wanted a touch from the Lord like he got at VOA. I told him he could have that even without going to church, and he said "Oh yea! Mr. Travis was telling me that too!"

Thanks for all you guys did to make the week amazing. We know it makes God fun for them and encourages them to continue to pursue Him all the time.”

— Rachel

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“Thanks to the VOA Kids team for making such an impact on our three daughters! Our kiddos made sure after the first session on Tuesday night that from that point forward that they were there the moment doors opened, a full 30 minutes prior to the actual program starting each morning and each evening! They literally didn't want to miss a minute of it!

Here is an entry in the "Game On!" journal from my 9 year old daughter (she gave me permission to share it): "Today was a pretty good day. We did worship. Oh, here is a comment. We did 'I Just Want To Be a Sheep' every day of the week. I don't know if it was today, or tonight, but the Lord told me that I am special and he loves me. It made me feel special. I hope we come here again [next year]."

From a parent's perspective, offering the VOA Kids program is truly what made it possible, not only for us to attend VOA but to be fully present in each of the sessions. We knew our girls were encountering the Father, Son, & Spirit in kid-friendly ways while we were doing the same with the rest of the grown-ups!”

— Dan

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“Three of my children were in the children’s program at VOA, and they had the most incredible time.  They made friends so quickly there, and were heartbroken when the week was over, and we had to go home.  My oldest son probably took away the most from the week.  He received impartation from Will Hart in the afternoon, adult session.  He has been transformed.  He is so ready and willing to pray for people.  He cannot wait to go to church each week, to see how God will use him to bless others.  He has had a very prophetic dream since returning home and has been prophesying over people in our church, with accuracy.  

God is so good.  This is the second VOA kids that my children have been involved in, and we will be making it a priority each year.  My kids are anxiously waiting until they are old enough to go on a YPI trip!”

— Naomi


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