Voice of the Apostles 2014 Recap

Voice of the Apostles 2014 was an amazing event that not only blessed it's attendees but also blessed our staff. Our staff couldn't get over how many people would come up to them and thank them for everything they were doing and have done. Having worked all year round for this event, it was great to see all the work come to fruition in the form of healings, great speaking, and an overall pleasant experience.

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Amazing woman's testimony from VOA

The testimony on the side is of a woman who was in severe pain after complications during childbirth. Doctors were able to find out that she had crushed nerves in her pelvis. Throughout many surgeries she had seen no improvement. One of the surgeries went wrong and she ended up dying on the operating table. Listen to find out what happened after that!

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Global School Worship Night


On registration day, Monday, September 8th, Global School will kick off the 2014-15 school year with a Night of Worship! You're invited to join new and returning students at the Apostolic Resource Center in Mechanicsburg, PA at 7 p.m. as we come together to celebrate our great God. Global School is excited to welcome worship leader Kelsie Plante from the Burn 24-7 movement. 


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Come Join Global School Online

Are you one of the many that have desired more practical ministry training but not sure how to pull it off? Then consider Global School Online! Global School Online streams the 1st year Global School of Supernatural Ministry onsite program around the world to bring the quality ministry training into the homes of those that cannot relocate to Pennsylvania.

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