Global PLUS

Global Plus was an incredible week for 59 Global School and

Global Summer Intensive alumni pressing in for "more", meeting together during the day and ministering

during evening services that were open to the public here at Global headquarters.

The national, ethnic, denominational and vocational diversity of these students was

a very special part of our week together. This diversity represents the move of the

Holy Spirit throughout all people groups, and the influence that Global Awakening

has throughout the world. Here are some testimonies and comments from our

"Plus" students:


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Global Summer Plus Starts!

Global Summer Intensive PLUS

This week at Global School we are welcoming over 50 Global School and Global

Summer Intensive alumni for a mini-intensive here at the Apostolic Resource Center

in Mechanicsburg. This was created out of desire and request by our alumni for an

additional week of training and impartation. Many of our "PLUS" students have

received so much through their time at Global School and now are looking to be

refreshed and "go deeper" in some of the Kingdom dynamics that are released here.

Our faculty for this week includes Dr. Randy Clark, Will Hart, Paul Martini, Jamie

Galloway, Dr. Melodye Hilton, Dale and Luanne Mast, Dr. Mike Hutchings, Ben and

Micah Williams, and Paulos Hanfrere. Each day will have a time of questions and

answers with the faculty and staff of Global School to bring greater revelation and

understanding of the season of harvest and Kingdom advance .
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Global School's Third Week Closes Out!

Global Awakening Weekly Newsletter Article: Global Summer Intensive 2014

Global Summer Intensive 2014 completed three weeks of equipping, impartation and connection with Alan Hawkins, Pastor William Preston, Ben and Micah Williams, and Ruth Martini releasing revelation to the students. Dr. Mike Hutchings concluded GSI with encouragement of the "Momentum of Transformation" that each student carries with them as world changers, transformers and history makers, commissioning with a time of impartation, Here are a few comments from these students at the end:

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Hotels for VOA

The Voice of the Apostles conference is just over a month away. As you finish wrapping up the final details, please do not forget about booking a hotel. Rates are discounted for attendees until July 11th, but after that the hotel will charge their normal rates. Here is some information about the three main hotels for the VOA conference:

The Rosen Plaza, Rosen Centre and Hilton Orlando are all within walking distance of the conference, at the Orange County Convention Center. Both the Rosen Plaza and the Rosen Centre are about a five-minute walk via the sky bridge. The Hilton Orlando is about a 15-minute walk to the conference via a moving walkway sky bridge. The Hilton Orlando also offers fun features such as a lazy river for those staying at the hotel. Each of these three hotels has discounted rates until July 11th for attendees of the Voice of the Apostles conference.

To book these hotels please follow the links at or you're welcome to give them a call at:

Rosen Plaza: 1-800-627-8258
Rosen Centre: 1-800-204-7234
Hilton Orlando: 1-888-488-3509

If you have any questions about the Voice of the Apostles conference, please feel free to visit the website or give us a call at 1-866-Awakening

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