God moves powerfully in week two of GSI

Time just seems to be flying. We just finished our second week here at GSI. One student remarked that the first week was about experiencing God, the second week was about getting cleaned out and the last will be a time to be filled up. Dr. Mike Hutchings, the director of Global Schools, was taken aback as he witnessed the beautiful exchange of beauty for ashes. He notes that encountering the power and love of God is required for a change in our hearts. As a director, he marveled at how the Holy Spirit was setting students free from the brokenness that was holding them back from experiencing God fully. He says, "this week modeled what we, as Global, are all about. We're not about just sending people out but sending transformed people. As a director, this was wonderful to see".

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GSI first week recap

Last week, we kicked off the Global Summer Intensive (GSI) where about 100 students gathered from 12 different countries. From the get go, students started praying for others, prophesying and going out to minister on the street. These may be some of the hungriest students that the school has ever seen. There have been powerful releases of prophetic words from speakers like Bob Hazlett over the students. Some of these words are being fulfilled immediately too! One student received a word about being called to be a chaplain. This weekend, he attended a Flag Day ceremony, was asked to be a chaplain and work with the veterans administration as well as the city!

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Will leads a trip to Mozambique

Last week, Will returned from leading 30 Global trip members to Mozambique. The team went out on outreach on the first day. The team saw the deaf hear and the blind see. Is God good or what! The trip culminated to feeding 5,000 hungry children.

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Awakened to Destiny Now Open

Awakened to Destiny East Coast and West Coast are now officially opened!

Our Awakened to Destiny West Coast conference will be held September 17-20, 2014 in Tucson, Arizona. The East Coast conference will be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania October 22-25, 2014. The speakers for both conferences include Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Tom Jones and more.

This conference will bring together people of all backgrounds, occupations and denominations, at every stage of their journey. Each session will bring new teaching and revelation as seasoned speakers equip you to step into supernatural dimensions of healing, faith and Holy Spirit-empowered ministry. Seize this opportunity to see your destiny realized and open the doors to a supernatural encounter in your life. Receive a fresh understanding of the plans God has for your life and be equipped to step into your kingdom destiny.

To register or find more information please visit: http://awakenedtodestiny.net/
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