Awakened to Destiny Now Open

Awakened to Destiny East Coast and West Coast are now officially opened!

Our Awakened to Destiny West Coast conference will be held September 17-20, 2014 in Tucson, Arizona. The East Coast conference will be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania October 22-25, 2014. The speakers for both conferences include Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Tom Jones and more.

This conference will bring together people of all backgrounds, occupations and denominations, at every stage of their journey. Each session will bring new teaching and revelation as seasoned speakers equip you to step into supernatural dimensions of healing, faith and Holy Spirit-empowered ministry. Seize this opportunity to see your destiny realized and open the doors to a supernatural encounter in your life. Receive a fresh understanding of the plans God has for your life and be equipped to step into your kingdom destiny.

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Testimonies from San Diego, CA

     At the conference I had a couple attendees praying for me. I felt the power of God come, but I didn't shake or tremble or anything. The next day, wanting more, I went back to my church. After service there is always a homeless man that roams around asking for money and offering to clean car headlights. The man had mentioned once an accident, an operation and shown me His crippled hand and damaged forearm. When I saw Him after Church I prayed For Him and I saw God create muscles within His inner forearm and restored normal movement to His hand. It just inflated and I felt the miracle happen as I had my hand on the arm of the man!

     I am on the healing team at my church currently and have personally prayed for people that have been healed of cancer, kidney disease and tumors. I've also been healed of things myself in the past, however, I've had pain in my right knee for years. It comes and goes so I don't seem to think about getting prayer when at church. As Randy was talking about healing for people with metal surgical implants and pain, I was thinking, Lord I want my knee healed tonight. Not much longer after that I heard Randy say something about someone with right knee pain and getting healing. I just said to God, "I'll take that."
     I've also had an eating disorder for over 25 years and I have been praying for healing of that for a while now. During the prayer time a woman came up and prayed for me for that too. During that prayer I felt a shift so to speak. I knew then that something was going to be different. It's been a little over a week now since the conference and my knee has not hurt at all. As for the eating disorder, I've felt so different and am claiming healing of that too.

     About three months ago my father-in-law started having some uncontrollable body movements. He couldn't control his hands, arms, or legs, they would just constantly move. Even his speech was affected to the point where he couldn't speak a full sentence without stuttering. The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong so we brought him here to the conference. We weren't sure what we believed, but we just prayed "God help our unbelief." Toward the end of the 10 am session as Randy Clark was finishing up, my father-in-law's movements dramatically slowed down. A couple near us continued to pray over him until he was about 99% better. We were so ecstatic we took him to see all of his family and friends, and brought back more people who need healing!

     About seven months ago, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme's disease after eight years of misdiagnosis. The Lyme's disease, going untreated for so long, had spread to every part of my body causing me constant pain and digestive problems as well. It also affected me neurologically to the extent that I could barely even hold a conversation. During one of the morning sessions, someone had a word of knowledge for pain in the right side of the brain – which was one of my major symptoms. As he started to pray for me I fell down and I felt like I was enveloped in fire. When I finally sat up I was just in awe because all of my pain was completely gone!

     My daughter Lael, 16 years old, had been suffering from PTSD symptoms since Feb of 2013. She was practicing her Kung Fu and her supporting leg slipped from under her as she did a high kick. She landed at the base of head and neck and lost all her memory. She was at a preschooler age for a couple of months. She gained enough of her memory to be a functioning 16 year old, but she still was suffering from migraines, brain glitches of short and long term memory, fogginess in thought, and a hard time with reading comprehension. So, I took her out of school for the 3 days and we went to the healing conference. We were excited to find out that Mike Hutchings, from the Supernatural healing ministry of global awakening, was teaching a class on PTSD. As my daughter said the prayer, she instantly felt chains lift off her head. She quickly opened up a book and was able to comprehend it instantly. She has been walking in her victory of her healing for a month now. She now has photographic memory and has the highest honors in her GPA. Praise Jesus! She is taking what she has learned and now ministers at her school to kids with concussions from sports injuries.
     Since I have seen my daughter healed, I have been taking what I learned and have been stepping out in faith and sharing Jesus and praying for healing and provision. I have seen the Holy Spirit move in His power and seen many healed of back pain, leg pain, arm pain, financial blessings within minutes of praying. God is so good.

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Going Global at Wales

Randy, Paul Martini, David and Johannah Leach went to Wales for the first Wales conference for the New Wine Cymru. We felt so honored by the head pastor, Julian Richards and his team. There, 600 Welsh people had congregated to share fellowship with God and His people.

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Paul and Ruth Martini take a trip to Mendocino, CA

This past week, Paul Martini and his beautiful wife, Ruth Martini, who is also an administrator to the Global School of Supernatural Ministry were able to go to Mendocino, CA to build new bridges between Global and Youth with a Mission (YWAM), partake in the equipping of His saints and watch as the Lord expanded His kingdom through them. While YWAM is not a new organization, there haven't been many opportunities for our two organizations to cross paths. As Ruth puts it, she felt like this past week has been somewhat like a "crossing of a bridge". On this trip, Paul taught on the Power of Peace, the Power of His Voice and the 5 Step Prayer Model at the School for Supernatural Missions (SSM), an 8-week intensive that follows the 6-month Discipleship Training School (DTS). Additionally, they were able to lead 15 YWAM students, ages 17-70, in a city outreach where they even experienced the growth of our family where someone at a local school decided to say yes to Jesus. How wonderful!

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