Cultivate Revival Webcast Testimonies

live globalawakeningWe recently wrapped up the Cultivate Revival live webcast, and it was a resounding success! It was our first event using our new Free Evenings website, and we increased our ministry efforts during each session. As a result, we prayed for lots of people, and saw some amazing breakthroughs happen over both the public chat and private live prayer areas.

Along with full healing and deliverance, we had numerous people report that God was beginning to heal them, saying that they felt heat from God’s presence, or a sudden decrease in pain. We trust that God is completing those healings even now! Read about the testimonies…

Full healings:

  • A person with pain and numbness in her thumb had 100% healing
  • A person who suffered from migraines experienced full healing
  • A person having panic & anxiety symptoms was healed
  • A person with sciatica and hip pain was 100% healed
  • A person suffering from depression was healed

Partial healings:

  • A person with synovial sarcoma began to experience heat from the Holy Spirit, and had pain relief.
  • Two people were experiencing demonic oppression during the sessions, and after prayer, had full relief, expriencing peace and joy.
  • A person with adrenal fatigue experienced a partial healing.
  • A person with knee pain was 90% healed
  • A person with feet pain from flat arches experienced reduced pain.

The live webcasts have always been a great way to attend an event when you can’t make the trip to be there in-person. We’re making it into an amazing experience, and we’ve got some exciting plans in the work for future events that we hope will make the live stream a can’t-miss opportunity!

We believe that everyone should be able to experience the same level of anointing, healing power, and ministry online that conference attendees experience. The above testimonies show that this is already happening, and we are pumped to see what God does next!

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