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“I don’t know what I expect but I know what I want." First year Global School student Joy Renee Arnold’s voice rose with breathless excitement while speaking about her upcoming mission trip to Brazil. “I just know I want God to use me to set people free!”

What a bold statement.

But one that most certainly would be echoed by any Kappa, this year’s first year class at Global School, as they prepare to embark on eight whirlwind days of ministering to churches around Brazil.

Yet, if past Global School Brazil mission trips are any indication, she won’t be disappointed. The Kappa class leaves Monday, October 5 for Brazil where they will be giving words of knowledge, praying for the sick, casting out demons and laying on hands on the infirmed.

And the miracles do pour down like rain.

With no less excitement, four days later on October 10, members of the Kappa class will be heading to minister right here in the states, in Baltimore. There they will demonstrate the Kingdom by ministering on the streets, praying for the sick at a methadone clinic and be welcomed with open arms to churches in the Baltimore area that are hungry for signs and wonders.

Eyes aglow, Joshua Braash’s whole demeanor changed as he contemplated the forthcoming Baltimore mission trip. “I feel like I’m going to have a lot of fun…heal people…do a lot of good stuff for Jesus,” he said, grinning from ear to ear.

Global school is excited to partner with God seeing lives touched. According to past student testimonies, Joshua's got it right. Reports of miraculous healings, such as metal disappearing from bodies, swollen limbs instantly shrunk down to normal size, canes tossed aside and so much more took place in just a few short days.

Global School believes in equipping students to walk in the supernatural, not just in church but in the marketplace, in the arts, in every day real life. What better way to launch them into a supernatural lifestyle than by going on a mission trip where they get to see the Kingdom come...and through them - whether at home or abroad.

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