Cultivate Revival 2015 Webcast Testimonies


Cultivate Revival Webcast Testimonies 2015

One woman had gotten ACL reconstructive surgery on her right knee. For the past 2 1/2 years, it has been painful for her to kneel, due to bone removal during the surgery. Pain levels have been 5 to 8, depending on the day. At the very end of the first night's meeting, she was healed sovereignly. No one prayed for her. All her pain is gone, and she can kneel freely without any pain.

Tamy has suffered from an eating disorder for years. Before getting online, she ate dinner, and had been wanting to "purge" by making herself vomit. After receiving inner healing & deliverance prayer over chat, all desire to "purge" is gone, and she now feels peace. She hasn't had this feeling in years.


Ani: each night, she is tormented with pain in her hips. In the morning, she always looks very tired due to the pain and lack of sleep, and feels numbness in her legs. After a general prayer (no one prayed for her specifically), she can for the first time ever sit cross-legged for more than one hour, without moving her position. In the past, she couldn't do that due to pain in her hips. Not only that, but when she got up today, there was no sign of numbness or pain in her legs. When she looked in the mirror in the morning, her face looked completely renewed and refreshed.

Arise: “Praise the Lord! My trembling hands, especially right hand, is 80% better when Randy prayed!!”

DanS: He suffered from neck pain, but during the meeting, he began to feel warmth in his neck, and now all the pain is gone.

Suzie Cue responded to a word of knowledge about the index finger needing to be healed. She said it wasn't the only thing in her body that was in pain, but it was the worst. It was particularly bad that night, and she was holding her index finger when the word of knowledge was given. She said it's already 90% better, and the other joints in her body are getting better as well!

Thebestalias reports that his elbow is healed, the top of his head is healed, and he feels electricity in his left temple.

Brenda WV said she was healed of pain in her left foot, and also of neck pain at the base on right side.

Bus from Nigeria had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and had constant fear, among other issues. After receiving inner healing & deliverance ministry over the chat, she felt peace for the first time in a long time. She now has no more fear, and feels emotionally stable.

Bridget reported that during the previous night's webcast, she received instantaneous lifting of pain from a brain tumor, as well as healing of injured ribs.

God's Girl prayed alone @ home for head trauma when everyone was doing the same in the meeting, and felt something lift off her head.

Rita shared a follow up testimony from ministry she received during our last webcast: “Last time I was here - I did not have a job a prayer person from Australia prayed for me against all odds. I [now] have an EXCELLENT job 15 minutes from home! Awesome God! Thank you prayer person from Australia - God hears your prayers!”

MJ had an irregular heartbeat, and was healed while watching when a word of knowledge was given.

PamGL had tooth & gum issues, along with pain in her liver. She now feels heat in those areas, and the liver pain is gone. She reports that her gums are better as well (possibly fully healed).

mynameisfreedom says that when prayed for over the chat, she saw angels come and stand around her, laying hands on her injured jaw. She feels tingling throughout.


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