Cultivate Revival Webcast Testimonies - March 2016

image of cultivate revival logo. Testimonies from live webcast of Cultivate Revival 2016

Our newest event, Cultivate Revival is proving to be a popular event with each one featuring new messages from Randy, Bill, Tom, Charity, and others. We often have miracles happen during the live webcasts of our healing schools and other events like The Stirring, but we have been pleasantly surprised to see so many amazing healings happen during the Cultivate Revival webcasts.

The focus of Cultivate Revival is two pronged:

  • Daytime sessions focus on teaching. Topics include the history of revival, how revivals have been nurtured and quenched, and how to stir up a revival culture in our personal lives and in our culture.
  • Evening sessions feature teaching on healing followed by demostrations of healing in the meeting. We do this because we believe that every move of God is marked by miraculous healing, so our evening sessions seek to nurture and grow an expectancy among attendees & viewers for healing.


Much like our other recent Cultivate Revival webcasts, we saw many healings happen during the evening sessions, and the testimonies are beginning to pour in. Some of the highlights include the following:



  • “When Randy called out [a word of knowledge] to ‘the lady in the back in the red top and glasses’, I almost fell off my chair! That was me! My right foot remains very warm and 80% pain free.” — DeAnna
         DeAnna also received 2 words of knowledge about a specific problem she was having in her neck, and is confident that God is healing that issue as well.
  • “I had not planned to watch this tonight…however, I felt weak, achy, and nauseated. I had back and leg pain and was consequently depressed, but begging God for healing all day and evening. I accidentally noticed the free broadcast and knew it would encourage me. As I watched, my faith increased, my spirit lifted, the nausea left, energy came back, and my back and leg issue improved significantly. I was very blessed by all of it. I really needed this. Thank you Jesus and all of you.” — Chuck
  • “I’m a Franciscan friar and Roman Catholic priest. I was watching Randy Wednesday night via the Internet. During the words of knowledge, several of the things I deal with were mentioned: ringing in the left ear, pain in my foot, and a problem with my right knee. A friend had received a word of knowledge about my knee last Saturday, and she prayed, but [at that time] I didn’t know that there was the connection between healing and words of knowledge, so I didn't believe I would be healed.
         Last night I had more faith as I heard the teaching [about words of knowledge]. Not only did my knee feel better after prayer, but my left big toe which I broke as a kid and which has been semi inflexible was healed with an increase in flexibility. Furthermore, as folks were praying with each other online, someone praying for my tinnitus broke the assignments of any spirits of infirmity. I felt a lightness in my spirit. I received further healing of emotional issues, including a negative exceptionalism (the idea that everyone else receives but somehow I'm always left out) and self curses I had put on myself as a child like ’If I'm sick my family will pay attention to me.’
         I experienced today a greater sense of freedom and am excited as to what God will do when I come to the conference tomorrow. Tonight, Thursday, I tuned in late just in time for the tail end of Bill's talk and words of knowledge. My issue with my right knee was from an incident a couple of years ago, and some of the remaining inflammation went away. Praise Jesus!”
    — Christopher
  • For the last five months, Ryan’s life has been disrupted by several issues. After watching the Cultivate Revival live stream and receiving prayer online, he reports, “Last night I watched the Global live stream and one of the things we prayed for was new DNA…I'm 90% back in my right mind thanks to prayers last night. I even had periods of complete mental clarity today and I'm continuing to improve.
         What's more, God has healed my speech. I've had a stuttering problem since I was a child. It required much of my mental focus just to pronounce words and even construct clear thoughts. All of that is healed.
         Not only am I mostly back in my right mind but also I feel as though my brain has grown back areas that were previously dead or empty. When I was an infant I had a severe allergic reaction to immunization where my brain swelled and I almost died. I can't say for sure but I have feeling in parts of my head that I have never experienced feeling in before and my words and clarity of thought have markedly improved.”
    — Ryan


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