A Letter from your IMT Team

IMT staff

For over 16 years, Global Awakening has been taking teams from around the world on international ministry trips. If you've been to one of our events or have spoken with someone who has gone with us, you've probably heard testimonies of the amazing things God has done...

Blind eyes opened, wheelchairs discarded, hearing restored, cancer vanished, and wounded hearts set free by the power of God's love. The list of God's miracles goes on and on. These stories create a desire to see and to be used. Don't sit passively, but take part in what God is doing. After going on a trip with us, most people say:

“I went to bless others, but received more than I ever thought possible. That trip changed my life! I will never be the same!”

In 2017 you can choose from 13 trips, including countries such as Colombia, Guyana, Brazil, Australia, England, Denmark, Nigeria and Mozambique.

Join us!

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