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Certification Programs Q&A @ VOP 2017

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Every year during VOA and VOP we hold a reception for our students and instructors who are attending the conference. It's always a great time of catching up with one another and seeing each other face to face - an extra special thing for an online school!

This year at VOP, 13 of our instructors were present at the reception, so we decided to do a Q&A with them. We have a team of incredibly wise, gifted, and intelligent instructors in our program, and to hear their thoughts on a variety of subjects was insightful and rich.

They each have a great sense of humor as well, which makes working with them that much richer. Here's a sampling of some of the questions that were asked, followed by a quick summary answer (emphasis on quick and summary) below it (one question per instructor).


1. Who is your favorite Old Testament prophet and why? - Elijah, because he prophesied that the rain would come and then he saw it actually happen.

2. Do you have a favorite author/book you are reading right now? - "Lord Willing?" by Jessica Kelley. It tackles issues like suffering and tragedy in a way that brings the reader deeper into God's heart.

3. If you only had access to one book of the Bible, which book would you choose? - Genesis, because I always seem to come back to it. (In the background, one of the instructors may or may not have joked that they would pick Jude.)

4. Is it possible to get prophetic words for nations? If so, how should they be delivered? - Yes, it is possible. The foundation for the delivery should be relationship - with someone in government, someone who is connected to the government, or someone who works closely with that nation. Relationship is key.

5. I want to minister what I'm learning in my CHCP and CPCP courses in my home church, but my leadership isn't yet open to the gifts of the Spirit. How do I navigate this? - Realize that YOU are the church. Although you might not be able to bring what you've learned inside your church walls right now, there is still an entire world out there that you can minister to. What you've learned in your courses isn't just applicable to the Church, but to every human alive!

6. What do I do if I get a prophetic word and it's completely wrong? - Don't let it stop you from prophesying again. No one hears perfectly. Stay faithful, and keep at it.