Brazil Trip Update/Testimony

Lighting Fires - Brazil trip Update (Two Day Summary):

The team for the current Lighting Fires Brazil trip arrived from 5 different countries, some travelling 40 hours to join us, and our team members from Wales taking a surprise detour via the Canary Islands! Despite flight delays and a fun (5 hour) introduction to the unpredictability of São Paulo traffic we were at last all together as a team and left for our first night of ministry.

All of us had come to Brazil hungry and expectant to see God move powerfully through us and amongst the Brazilian church. That first night we actually experienced scripture coming to life! In Ephesians 3:20, He says He "is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us" and that is what we experienced! Jesus sovereignly healed people standing without one prayer even being spoken! We saw back pain and shoulder injuries healed, mobility restored, emotional healings, salvations and deliverances! More than we could ask or imagine!! Just one of many amazing testimonies was a large growth in the neck disappearing completely and the same woman having full mobility restored! She left laughing and dancing, pain free and completely healed! I love that each day of the trip our definition of what we could hope for or imagine becomes changed – and He always promises MORE!

Mais Senhor! More Lord!

Trip Testimony:

"Last night (9/29), we had a great meeting at a Four Square church in São Paulo, one of the evening's highlights for me was Felipe, an 8 years old boy [we prayed for]. He had never walked before last night. He was born premature and had a series of events including a heart attack that resulted in the loss of movement of his legs. He is not completely healed yet, but with his dad's help he would not stop walking. When I asked him what happened he told me, "I'm sad I can't jump yet, but I'm happy Jesus has healed me and I can walk now." This sweet boy has just started a journey of healing. It was beautiful to see him going home holding his dad's hands and walking, as his mom was pushing the empty wheelchair. Yes, Jesus! Can't wait for what's next!" - Jonathan Costa

The Lighting Fires Brazil trip began on September 26th and will end October 8th.

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Empowered: A School of Healing & Impartation


At the Empowered Conference, School of Healing and Impartation, you will learn why people are oppressed, how to effectively cast demons out and how to break off personal strongholds in your own life. We will equip you to walk in a higher realm of the supernatural than you ever thought possible. If your desire is to break free from spiritual strongholds, get closer to God and learn how to move and minister in His power, then this school is for you!

Empowered is broken down over 4 days with 4 main themes. Day one the focus is thirst: where teaching on praying for the sick and impartation lay the groundwork for the rest of the week. Day two is truth: sessions focus on understanding and biblical basis for healing and deliverance ministry. Day 3 is identity: teaching and impartation sessions focus on revealing our ministry and identity. Day 4 is passion: after developing a thirst, understanding the biblical truths and identity we press in to develop a passion for giving it away.

"In our Empowered Conferences, thousands of "lil' ole mes" from all different backgrounds, occupations and denominations have stepped into supernatural dimensions of healing, deliverance and Holy Spirit empowered ministry. I believe that teaching must be followed with action that makes room for God to move. Our School of Healing and Impartation will be an exciting time of equipping, impartation and demonstration. Don't miss out on what could be one of the most significant spiritual experiences of your life! Seize this opportunity to make a change! I look forward to seeing you there." -Randy Clark

Upcoming Empowered Conferences:

We have an Empowered Conference October 23 - 26 at Dayspring Church in Springfield, Missouri. Worship will be led by Steve Swanson and the speakers will be Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Tom Jones and Rodney Hogue. Click here to learn more about this upcoming Empowered conference and how to register.

Another Empowered Conference will be held December 4 - 7 at the Global Awakening Apostolic Resource Center in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Worship will be led by Steve Swanson and the speakers will be Randy Clark, Tom Jones and Rodney Hogue. Click here to learn more about this upcoming Empowered conference and how to register.


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GSSM 1st Week Update

GSSM Picnic

Global School of Supernatural Ministry launched our first week with onsite, online and satellite school students from all over the world. After two days of orientation and a welcoming picnic, our first teaching day featured GSSM Director, Mike Hutchings, teaching our first year "Theta" students on developing a Kingdom of God mindset, and our second year "Eta" students were blessed to have Tom Jones, Global Executive Director teaching on walking with Jesus in the journey of life. This week our students are being impacted with teachings from Dan Mohler, Pastor William Preston, and Micah Williams. Our students are also being introduced to a model of relational disciple-making that will be implemented throughout the school year within the school and students will be using the model as an opportunity to reach out to those they encounter who need God's love. We are off to a great start!

One of our favorite things to do at GSSM is to give away the love of God we receive in the classroom. Already our students have partnered with Urban Key, a ministry located in inner-city Harrisburg, to build a swing-set in an empty lot that last year's GSSM students helped to clean up, remodel, and decorate with prophetic art. After building the swing-set, our current students walked the streets, served ice cream floats, painted faces, and made balloon animals to bless the community on N 17 Street. Oh yeah, and they prayed for people and saw God do miraculous things...because we're about the supernatural here at Global School of Supernatural Ministry. One of our first year students that came to GSSM after this summer's Youth Power Invasion intentionally came to the outreach to pray for people and share God's love. Bible in hand, David talked with a 20-something woman who walked up to him because she noticed his Bible. She was so blessed that someone would just stand outside with her and talk about Jesus. After speaking about her true identity in Christ because of what Jesus had done for her on the cross, she recommitted her life to the Lord. Some of the girls at Urban Key got her contact information and are planning to connect with her and bring her to Convergence Center, a church planted by GSSM's online and satellite school administrator, Ben Williams.

A student also had the opportunity to talk with a guy named Ace at this outreach. After talking with Ace about Jesus, this student and Ace got to pray with another guy who had pain in his lower back...except our student didn't pray....Ace did. The same Ace who didn't really understand healing moments before saw his first healing by praying in Jesus name.

Amanda Hines, who moved across the country to pursue the calling of God on her life, gives testimony that her life is already never going to be the same after one week of class. She says that just by being here at GSSM, boldness has been unlocked in her life. "Going on a run last week, I just stopped and saw someone and asked if I could pray for him. I would have never done that before." There is an impartation and a strengthening that comes to just "go for it" even just being here a few short weeks. Amanda had also received personal healing when some students prayed for a pain she had in her right big toe. When the students prayed, a shooting sensation when through her foot and within the hour of leaving class and coming home, the pain was entirely gone.

Next month our 1st year students will be going to either Brazil or Baltimore to see God demonstrate even more of His goodness. Stay tuned for some good news from these trips. We already know from experience that when our students go on these trips, they come back with even more wonder and hunger for the supernatural things of the Spirit.

At GSSM, we come together with worship for the One who makes all things possible. Many of the most incredible revelations or encounters come through these settings of worship, and we will never be the same. Be blessed, and let this testimonies stir your faith and prophecy into what the Lord wants to do in your life! He loves you.

Learn more about GSSM at:

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Upcoming School Events

Each incoming class at GSSM is named after Greek letters. This year's class is the Theta class and today their school year begins. We have 51 first year students and 69 online students. Our second year class, the Eta Class, has 23 students.

To start off the school year, David Leach will be leading the students in a time of worship tonight. We will also be hosting an alumni reunion and time of worship on Friday. There will be 16 GSSM interns helping the school run smoothly this year. That is more interns than GSSM has ever had in the past. In addition to helping with the school, these interns help out with different local ministries and churches, and a Ugandan orphanage. This is the eighth year Global Awakening has had GSSM and it is such a blessing to see how the students make such an impact on the community around them. This year there will have an even stronger emphasis on discipleship than previous years.

For more information on GSSM please visit:

Another session of CHCP will begin on October 21, 2013. In addition to online schooling, these students get together during some of our larger conferences, such as Voice of the Apostles and Voice of the Prophets, to meet with Randy and receive impartation.

For more information on CHCP please visit:

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