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Awakened to Destiny

"God is calling His workmanship, the body of Christ, to a great awakening. This awakening starts with you! Awakened to Destiny is specifically designed to not only give you practical tools, but to activate you to your calling."

This year Awakened to Destiny will be in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas on November 7 - 9, 2013. There will be a time of teaching, healing and ministry from speakers Randy Clark, Tom Jones and Mark Chironna. Take this opportunity to gain direction on the plans and the destiny God has for you.

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Voice of the Prophets 2014

"In a time of great transformation and shifting, the need to fully realize what it means to live a Kingdom culture becomes all the more evident... It is a cultural shift as people from all across the world rise up and seize the prophetic destiny that God has for each person."

On April 2 - 4, 2014 some of the most incredible prophets will join us in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Speakers such as Randy Clark, Larry Randolph and Mahesh Chavda will release prophetic insight as they teach and equip attendees to step into the destiny God has set before them.

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Voice of the Apostles 2014

"Voice of the Apostles, an annual homecoming event for the Global Awakening family, is dedicated to providing a time in which complacency is bound, despair broken and people are given a new agenda, a fresh perspective."

Voice of the Apostles in Orlando, Florida is a time to refresh and reignite your spiritual journey. This annual conference, held on August 11 - 15, 2014, brings together many world leaders and renowned evangelists to teach and heal. Please stay tuned for updates on speakers and worship.

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VOA 2013 Summary

Randy ClarkAt 4 PM on Monday, August 12, 2013, in Orlando, Florida, hundreds of people waited eagerly in line to register and check in for the annual Voice of the Apostles Conference.

Each morning and evening session started out with a time of worship that was followed by world-renown teachers and speakers. Afternoons were filled with unique sessions going on simultaneously. Each one had a different topic, based on the gifting of the speaker, but each had a significant impact on those who attended.

This conference was about people from all over the world coming together to learn and be touched by the Holy Spirit. Many people were excited about spiritual gifts they received, healings they experienced or witnessed and directional clarity for their lives.

Over 6,000 attendees came excited to worship with Third Day, Jesus Culture and Steve Swanson.



Below are some of the incredible testimonies we have received from the Voice of the Apostles conference.

"A number of years ago I went to a Catch the Fire conference at Toronto. Heidi was speaking and asked all who felt called to missions to follow her to the back room. I went. While on the floor on my face I heard the Lord say "Uganda" three times. I remember responding "How will I ever get to Uganda?" Put it on the shelf. Collected dust. First night at VOA I was sitting next to someone who wasn't supposed to be in that seat. We introduced ourselves and when I asked her where she was from, she said "I live in Uganda!" I was floored!! We exchanged info and she invited me to come and she would house me, and we could go village to village with the gospel!" She later went on to say that "This VOA was a 'Divine Alignment'" and that she has "clarity for assignments and callings."

"Next year we are getting people from our church to go. This was an incredible experience. Before this conference my wife and I had doubts on manifestations and impartation... NO MORE. We received the gift of speaking in tongues and had seriously gotten 'smashed by the Holy Spirit'. I have never experienced anything like this and now want to bring others to this major leap in their relationship with Our Lord. Thank you all and especially Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr PhD for the gift you helped us receive from the Holy Spirit and to Will Hart for this tremendous experience for our daughter!"

"Dude!!!! Guys!!! So my brother and I were watching VOA 2013 online. And some words of knowledge were given for deafness in the right ear. My brother has experienced partial deafness in his right ear from shooting a gun. He stood up in faith but nothing happened. So I put my hand on his ear and nothing happened the first two times. But I prayed a third time and he started to manifest God's presence like shaking. And after that he said his ear completely opened up!!! Come on Jesus!!! Woo!!! Like he can hear completely fine!!!!!!!"

"I pray for a woman's with glasses and a back condition. I pray for her eye's and back as i am praying I feel something in my left foot, could this be a word of knowledge i think to myself. So I ask her if she has any problems in her feet she says no. It occurs to me to check if her feet are the same size. So we go to a chair and she is with her husband and son to witness this. She sits down and her husband responds that the right foot is visibly shorter. So I pray and nothing happens I pray again and her foot grows out and matches her left foot as I hear her husband in excitement. Thank You Jesus!!! There are 2 women sitting close by and observing all of this and the one woman responds i have a foot shorter than the other. So I go over there and the second woman is standing in front of her and says that her friend's right foot is shorter than the other. I call over the woman whose foot just grew out and I have her pray for the woman. She prays over her and her foot grows out and the woman confirms this in excitement! Praise God!!!"

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VOA Update!

We are excited about this year's Voice of the Apostles conference and we hope you are too!

Regrettably, Jack Hayford has withdrawn as a speaker this year. He will certainly be missed, but we understand the demands of his schedule are high and finding time to rest is important. We wish him the best as he celebrates his 80th birthday with his loved ones this June. is constantly being updated with new information. Most recently, we've added a new introduction video from Randy Clark filmed at the Orange County Convention Center. There's also a personal letter from Randy, inviting you to join us at the conference. Be sure to check out the media tab as well, which features videos and photos with highlights from last year's VOA.

As you may have heard, this year's conference will also include an expo. We'll have a variety of ministry-oriented exhibitors there for you to speak with during breaks. The expo will be open from 8 am to 8 pm each day during the conference and includes a full service coffee shop, so make sure you stop by!

If you have any questions or need more information about the event, please visit our website at or give us a call at 1-866-AWAKENING (717-796-9866).

We look forward to seeing you at Voice of the Apostles!


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Take a bus to Voice of the Apostles!

There will be a coach bus leaving from the Apostolic Resource Center in Mechanicsburg, PA that will drop you off at one of the convention hotels. This bus is a great alternative to flying. There will be plenty of room for you and your luggage. We will have multiple stops along the way for you to walk around and stretch your legs.

The bus leaves Mechanicsburg, PA at 4 PM on Sunday, August 11th and arrives in Orlando, FL the next day, Monday, August 12th, around 2 PM. The bus will leave Orlando, FL around 9 AM on Saturday, August 17th and arrive in Mechanicsburg, PA the following day. The round trip will cost $225 per person.

For a full itinerary and further details, please visit:



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