Can't Come to Voice of the Prophets? Do Not Fear!

It is time to push past any barriers or hesitations and become FEARLESS.

The Fearless conference is about learning how to step out of our comfort zones and take risks. Will Hart strongly believes that risk has to be taken in order to achieve personal growth. He wants to encourage everyone, churches and individuals alike, to take that step. This event will take place May 2nd - 4th at the Apostolic Resource Center (ARC) in Mechanicsburg, PA. Speakers will be Will Hart, Dominic Russo, Bryan Schwartz and Brian Connolly with Steve Swanson leading worship. Our unique Fearless speakers have all taken risk to get to where they are today:

Dominic Russo: When he was only 20-years-old, Dominic took part in international crusades, founded the Missions.Me outreach and later created the “1Nation1Day” project. He wrote the book called “Do Not Say I Am Too Young” to guide, inspire and motivate people of all ages to really seek after the Lord. No matter the price or obstacle, Dominic is fearless in his pursuit the destiny the Lord has placed before him.

Bryan Schwartz: A dynamic speaker who draws upon his experience in the NFL to advance the Kingdom of God, Bryan currently pastors Renovation Church in Colorado. He also founded Antioch Breakthrough Ministries and serves on the board of the National Prayer Center in Washington, D.C. Bryan is fearless in making a difference in the lives of those around him.

Brian Connolly: Brian is currently the pastor at Praise Community Church in York, Pennsylvania. He is also the author of “First Dance: Venturing Deeper into a Relationship with God.” This book reveals Brian’s passion to show the church that God’s desire for us to become His bride. In his longing to bring the church to the full knowledge of what Jesus accomplished, Brian stepped fearlessly into God’s plan for his life.

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2012 Year End Summary

In January, the annual School of Healing and Impartation in Redding, CA was recorded for use on the God TV program "There Is More." At the end of the month, Randy flew to Taiwan with a team for the Kingdom Culture conference. During the event, Randy received a word of knowledge for "Oscar." It was later revealed that a young boy named Oscar was healed of an inability to swallow over the phone (testimony below). 

In February, a man with metal in his shoulder regained the ability to throw.  He was overwhelmed knowing that he would be able to play with his kids again. Will Hart led an international team on an Extreme Encounters trip to India.

During the month of March, Randy, Tom and a team flew to Singapore for the Kingdom Invasion Conference. It was a powerful event; people ran to the altar for salvation on the final evening. During Bill Johnson's evening service a woman diagnosed with stage-four cancer testified that she was able to do things she previously had been unable to do. Afterwards, she went to her doctor and confirmed that she was completely healed. Following this event, Randy and Tom flew to Goiania, Brazil for a 20,000-person crusade. We were able to bus attendees to the event using donated funds.

April brought what was declared to be the best Voice of the Prophets ever. It was at this event that we received our first million-dollar donation, accompanied by a direct and accurate prophetic word from Bob Hazlett.

June brought 82 students to the Apostolic Resource Center for the Global Summer Intensive.

July kicked off with the annual Youth Power Invasion in Brasilia, Brazil. It was one of the best teams we have seen on a YPI trip. One highlight was a morning training session in which the presence of God was so powerful the hour of planned teaching was replaced by spontaneous worship.

In August, we held simultaneous events with the ladies of Global Awakening, hosting Beautiful One in Lancaster, PA while Randy, Tom and Steve Swanson were in Perth for Empowered and Awakened to Destiny in Sydney.

September saw GSSM enter its seventh year. We also had a trip to Brazil; a teenage girl, born deaf, was healed by words of knowledge from two different team members. Even though the girl couldn't hear or understand the words, her ears were instantly opened.

In Uberlandia in October, a GSSM student prayed for a little girl with braces on her legs. As a result, the girl was able to walk and run without braces. Her mother shared that several years earlier the girl had been in a coma. Randy had prayed for her photograph and the girl had recovered. Voice of the Apostles, also in October, was filled to capacity. We were thrilled to have Michael W. Smith and Martin Smith leading us in worship.

November found us in Denver, CO hosting an Awakened to Destiny conference. With over 1,700 people in attendance, the event was a huge success.

The final event of the year was an international trip to Brazil. Randy, Rex Burgher and Will Hart shared speaking responsibilities. Nic Billman also joined the group for training and activation in street ministry.

2012 was a great year with many advances made in the Kingdom.
We look forward to what 2013 has in store.


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Summary of Kingdom Foundations - Cardiff, Wales

Over eight hundred people packed into the All Nations Centre in Cardiff, Wales February 20th - 23rd for Kingdom Foundations to hear Randy Clark, Tom Jones and Bill Johnson. Alun Leppitt and his team led a powerful time of worship that took each day to a new a level. Each day, there were incredible times of prayer, activation, impartation and healing. During activation, the stage was teaming with people who had received a prophetic word to share. Healing came to those who had experienced failed surgeries, muscle problems, joint pain, ear pain and more. Many who sought healing walked away having experienced a touch from the Lord. “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.” - John 7:37

Kingdom Foundations - Wales

Attendees were brought to a place of restoration and liberation during worship.

Kingdom Foundations - Wales

Messages about prayer, victory and defeat, destiny and healing helped to ignite everyone’s passion for the Holy Spirit.

Kingdom Foundations - Wales

A rousing time of question and answer gave attendees a time to ask the difficult questions and hear about the speakers’ failures and successes in ministry.


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Voice of the Apostles KIDS Registration Now Open!


For the first time ever, we are doing special sessions for children! At this year’s Voice of the Apostles conference, we will be running a program with the theme: Unstoppable Kids.

Unstoppable Kids is for children six to twelve years of age. This program will be held concurrent with the morning and night adult sessions of the conference. During the afternoon sessions children are welcome to join the adult sessions at no cost.

Unstoppable Kids will help equip children in realizing who they are in Christ, how to hear God’s voice, healing, worship arts and other exciting topics. They will enjoy the opportunity for ministry, worship, expressing their creativity and games. This is an opportunity for children to have focused times where the conference is geared especially for them.They will be forever changed!

For more information or to register please visit our website at!

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