Our Latest Kingdom Foundations Conference

On November 28 - December 1, we ended our year with another powerful event, Kingdom Foundations. This event was held here at the Apostolic Resource Center, where our auditorium was packed with over 300 people a day, all immersed in worship and eager for what the Lord wanted to share through our three speakers, Randy Clark, Tom Jones and David Hogan.

David Hogan Teaching and Praying Over Attendee's Clothing
Above: David Hogan teaching and kneeling by the colorful mountain of jackets and personal items the attendees brought up to be prayed over and blessed.  Attendees were both curiously captured by the growing number of items on the stage but also by his keen ability to retell the many testimonies he has experienced.  He recounted numerous miracles that have happened to him in person and also through the clothing laid on the stage for him to touch.

Q & A Speakers

Q & A Session

Above: A rousing question and answer section on Friday afternoon had the attendees filled with laughter yet powerfully touched as the speakers – David Hogan, Randy Clark and Tom Jones – answered questions.  No matter how deep or complicated the question, about healing, ministry and impartation, each one was answered by the speakers.


Above: During a session of impartation, the crowd raised their arms eager to receive impartation, healing and all that the Lord wanted to give to them.  More than eighty people were healed during this event and even more were touched by the power and presence of God.

Daily Summary:

Wednesday: Tom Jones and Randy Clark spoke about prayer, words of knowledge and destiny. 

Thursday: Tom Jones, Randy Clark, and David Hogan spoke about Heaven, healing and victory. 

Friday: David Hogan and Randy Clark spoke about moving forward, pressing in. There was also question and answer session. 

Saturday: Tom Jones and Randy Clark spoke about ministry, obedience and even more aspects of healing.

For a list of next year's events, visit events.globalawakening.com.

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Join us for VOA 2013!

VOA 2013 Registration has launched! Click here for more info!
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Global Medical Research Institute VOA Event

Friday October 19, 2012 at 1:00pm
at the Global Awakening “Voice of the Apostles” Conference, Lancaster, PA

Climbing the Medical Mountain:
Collecting the Evidence of Healings through Prayer

The Global Medical Research Institute (www.globalmri.org), has been established to collect cases of healing through prayer in Jesus’ name, medically document them, and have medical experts verify and publish in medical journals the scientific evidence for remarkable healings -- especially healings that defy medical explanation. 

As a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, GMRI is building a team of people to help us identify cases of medically-inexplicable healings, and help those that are healed collect their medical records and submit them for verification by GMRI’s panel of medical experts.

  • Learn how you can help us climb the medical mountain
  • Discuss the best ways to identify medically inexplicable healing cases
  • Discover how to capture the evidence and maintain confidentiality.
  • Enable those that are healed to obtain the post-healing tests to verify healing

We invite health care professionals and others interested in medically documenting Christian spiritual healings to join us, and share ideas on how we can climb the medical mountain. Join us at a special session at the VOA conference on Friday October 19, 2012 at 1pm to discuss the goals, activities and plans of the Global Medical Research Institute.

Register for this event:

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Global welcomes David Hogan to the ARC

David Hogan, founder of Freedom Ministries, will be joining Randy Clark for the first time at the Apostolic Resource Center in Mechanicsburg, PA for the Kingdom Foundations school, November 28 - December 1. David decided to go after God pursuing His power to see the miraculous, to see "signs following" instead of only religious hypocrisy. He began to seek God to raise the dead. After four years of intense prayer and fasting he saw the first person receive life after having died. David is now involved in many international ministry opportunities preaching this unmoving Gospel that radically changes the way Christians think about the possibilities of God for their lives and the lives of those around them.

The Kingdom Foundations school is designed to equip believers in the area of healing. The sessions cover topics such as: words of knowledge, healing prayer model, faith for healing and the Biblical basis for healing. Join us for this unique opportunity to encounter unbelievable possibilities.

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