Cultivate Revival 2015 Webcast Testimonies


Cultivate Revival Webcast Testimonies 2015

One woman had gotten ACL reconstructive surgery on her right knee. For the past 2 1/2 years, it has been painful for her to kneel, due to bone removal during the surgery. Pain levels have been 5 to 8, depending on the day. At the very end of the first night's meeting, she was healed sovereignly. No one prayed for her. All her pain is gone, and she can kneel freely without any pain.

Tamy has suffered from an eating disorder for years. Before getting online, she ate dinner, and had been wanting to "purge" by making herself vomit. After receiving inner healing & deliverance prayer over chat, all desire to "purge" is gone, and she now feels peace. She hasn't had this feeling in years.

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Evening with Darren Wilson

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Global School of Supernatural Ministry is excited to invite you with an evening with filmmaker Darren Wilson (Finger of God; Father of Lights) Friday, November 13th as he shows his new film Holy Ghost: Reborn!

While Holy Ghost was a search for the Spirit of God designed to capture your attention and challenge you, Reborn is a much more emotional film, capturing powerful moments of deep change in people. The familiar voices featured in the movie include Global School's own Nic Bilman.

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Global School: Missions and Missions

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“I don’t know what I expect but I know what I want." First year Global School student Joy Renee Arnold’s voice rose with breathless excitement while speaking about her upcoming mission trip to Brazil. “I just know I want God to use me to set people free!”

What a bold statement.

But one that most certainly would be echoed by any Kappa, this year’s first year class at Global School, as they prepare to embark on eight whirlwind days of ministering to churches around Brazil.

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Doctor of Ministry Program

doctor of ministry FPGlobal Awakening is gathering a new group of doctoral students to participate in the Randy Clark Scholars at United Theological Seminary. This new group will begin in January 2016. This is a fully accredited degree, and you will need to have an accredited Masters of Divinity and three years of ministry experience in order to qualify. Students with a Masters of Theology or a secular Masters can participate by first completing the Pre-Doctoral Program. For more information regarding the seminary, please visit

Each year of this three year program will include two week long intensives held in Dayton, Ohio—one in August and the other in January. In addition, the "Randy Clark Scholars" will meet in Pennsylvania for three days of each phase to complete their 32 hours of face to face peer session time.

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