Randy's interview on Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural!"

Randy Clark recently had the opportunity to share about his book, "Power to Heal" on Sid Roth's television show, "It's Supernatural!" The "It's Supernatural" Network is committed to teaching how we can do the same works Jesus did and even greater (John 14:12). Each week, Sid Roth investigates and reports on people who have experienced extraordinary healings, miracles and personal encounters with God. 

Randy Clark's interview on "It's Supernatural" will air the week of July 13-19, 2015 on the following networks:

Sky Angel, Church Channel, Cornerstone, Daystar, GEB, GodTV, Impact Network, NRB, TCT, TLNNET, WHT, WORD and in Canada at CHCH, CIIT, CKES, CTS, Daystar, Miracle Channel, Vision TV.

TBN will air Tuesday July 14th at 11:30 am EST and Friday July 17th at 7 PM EST.

You can go to www.sidroth.org to get a complete listing.


Randy Clark's radio interview will air as the featured one hour internet radio broadcast at www.sidroth.org/radio the week of July 13-17, 2015.

It will air:

WBFI Lexington, KY Saturday 5-6 PM, Sunday 4-5 PM

WKGM Norfolk, VA Saturday 11-midnight

WVHI Evansville, IN Sunday 11-noon

WKLB Manchester, KY Sunday 8-9 am

"It's Supernatural" airs nationally on this website: http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/messianic-vision/


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Global School Practicum Trips

gssm logo news article

From February 24–May 1, our second year Global School students travel for their Practicum. The Practicum is a time for the students to have a practical time of putting into action what they’ve learned in the first and second years of GSSM.

We’ve started to get reports back from the ministry of our students, and it’s exciting to hear what God has been doing through them! We’re always proud of our students, we’ve already heard from a couple of pastors about them…

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Miracle Mondays - Local Healing Prayer

miracle mondays transDo you need healing? The students at Global School of Supernatural Ministry in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania invite you to join us for healing prayer on Miracle Mondays. We will be open on the first and third Monday nights of each month from 5:30–7:00 pm at the Apostolic Resource Center (Global Awakening headquarters). All are welcome, whether you need physical healing, prayer, or want to see what God is doing! If you have questions, send us an email here »

  • Free admittance; no need to register
  • First & third Monday of every month
  • Time: 5:30–7:00 pm
  • Location: Global Awakening, 1451 Clark St., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
  • Click to contact us with questions.
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Cultivate Revival Webcast Testimonies

live globalawakeningWe recently wrapped up the Cultivate Revival live webcast, and it was a resounding success! It was our first event using our new Free Evenings website, and we increased our ministry efforts during each session. As a result, we prayed for lots of people, and saw some amazing breakthroughs happen over both the public chat and private live prayer areas.

Along with full healing and deliverance, we had numerous people report that God was beginning to heal them, saying that they felt heat from God’s presence, or a sudden decrease in pain. We trust that God is completing those healings even now! Read about the testimonies…

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