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Time with Pastor Bill Whitney


A team from Global School went to teach and lead an outreach at a Bill Whitney's church, Freedom Faith Fellowship. We had taught the congregation how to hear the voice of God and as well as the protocol to the prophetic. During the activation time, the church members gave my team amazingly accurate words. After the service we had planned to go to the local mall with whomever wanted to join to apply what was just taught. However, we never ended up leaving the hotel which the church met at! Instead, we ended up giving words of knowledge to the concierge and started praying for her. We spent over an hour ministering to her, interpreting tattoos and dreams, praying for healing, and explaining the gospel...

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Bringing Honor and Healing to Military Veterans

Bringing Honor and Healing to Military Veterans

This year as we pause and remember those who have served faithfully in the United States military on Veterans Day, we express with gratitude to those who have laid down their lives to keep our freedom and to bring freedom to others throughout the world.Memorial Day is for remembering and giving thanks to those who have passed from this life and faithfully served our country. Veterans Day is for those who are still with us, and we have the great privilege to personally thank them for what they have done.We also realize that this year, we will have more soldiers returning home as the operations in Afghanistan are closing down and tens of thousands come back to these shores to begin to live whatever "normal life" might look for them. One of the obstacles that keeps our wonderful soldiers is the rising occurrence of post traumatic stress. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, has become a household name in recent years primarily due to the wars the United States has been involved in since Vietnam, but has also been present in the civilian population. The horrors of the 9/11 event in 2001brought the reality of the effects of trauma in our society into the light of day.Historically, it is recorded that the relatives of those who returned from battle have noticed a change in their behavior and attitude. In World Wars I and II, it was diagnosed as "shell shock" or "battle fatigue".. This can happen at any age or with any gender.PTSD changes the body's response to stress, affecting the hormones and chemicals that carry information between the neurotransmitters in the brain and body. Having a history of trauma may increase the risk for experiencing PTSD after a traumatic event.

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Testimonies from VOA 2014




Here are some of the incredible testimonies we have received from this year's 2014 Voice of the Apostles conference:


     Wednesday morning of Voice of the Apostles, Bill asked for those who have nerve damage to stand up. He then asked for people to pray over those people. I went to pray over the gal next to me and then Bill announced that someone's eye is getting healed of a nerve problem. I had been having a pulsing/throbbing/twitching in my right eye for a couple of weeks but I did not know what it was. All of a sudden, my eye started throbbing again and then I felt a pop and it stopped.
     During VOA 2012, I had been having all the signs of MS such as itching, memory loss, excruciating pains in bones, etc. During his session, Randy was asking if anyone needed specific healing so I stood up. Randy and the congregation prayed over me. I was set on fire, sweating profusely and I went down.  After a few minutes my body jumped back up to be prayed over again, again set on fire and down. This occurred several times. I never felt anything like it, it was just overpowering. I knew that I was healed. Sure enough I went to the doctor and I was fine. Praise the Lord!




     Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Grave's disease, which is an auto immune disorder of the thyroid.  My heart rate was 114 and I was put on a medication to lower my heart rate and another medication to suppress the overproduction of thyroid hormone. I was only on the heart medication for about a month, but have been on the thyroid medication for about 5.5 months.  During the healing prayer last Thursday at VOA, I felt that God told me to stop taking the medication.  I had lab work done on Tuesday, after being off the medication for 6 days, and my labs were normal.  My thyroid disease has been healed!




     I'm not sure how to even begin this testimony as words cannot even describe what happened to me at VOA. I kept struggling with the call on my life and coming to a point where I tuned Him out when He would try to speak to me.  I encountered that love at VOA and I couldn’t stop crying for hours during Heidi Baker’s session. Healing began and continued through the rest of the week as the walls began to break down Monday and Tuesday.   Thursday I went to Will Hart’s breakout, not expecting anything outlandish, when the fire fell on me as he preached.  I began to shake uncontrollably to the point when he called everyone to get prayer, I could not move.  God burned things out of me and filled me up.
     The morning service with Claudio, my body began to run in place and I could not stop.  As I ran, crying and shaking, from inside my belly, I cried out, "I will go" over and over again. Someone pushed me to get prayer and when Claudio said, "that’s right, run to the nations and preach" I felt my spirit sprint and felt a weight fall on me.  Up until then, I would not tell God I would go as I felt like I couldn't due to my lack of discipline of spending time with Him and obeying Him. My life was totally wrecked!  Where I once struggled to seek Him, I'm hungrier than ever; where I struggled to read a book, I'm devouring everything I can get my hands on; and where I struggled to pray for people and preach, I have a fire that comes out of me onto them.




     After seeing the video testimonies on the last night I began feeling pain and heat and was in faith for a very large cist of 2 years on my wrist to be healed. A girl on the video had the same thing. It stayed the same that night and I received prayer agreement, but when I woke up in the morning the huge calcification was gone and the pain left throughout the day. Praise the Lord I can use my hand normally again! Thank you for everything, we were so strengthened and encouraged for our work overseas.




     I'm an AG pastor, and this was my first time at VOA. We knew we had to come, we were hungry! We were there from 8:30 am until midnight every day and got in every prayer line we could.  We wanted impartation to bring back to our church.  In the last 4 Sundays, we have seen over 100 healings/miracles/ or supernatural happening in people's lives in a church of about 230.  From back pain to leg pain, to lowering blood sugar, to I'm now sleeping at night, off meds (after 16 years), and a child with ADHD is now able to focus (C-D grades now A-B grades), etc.  So much more!!!



Testimonies from the Kids VOA Program


      Our 8 year old son, Zander, attended VOA kids in Orlando a couple of weeks ago. While at VOA kids he had several encounters with the Holy Spirit. After a long worship time, he testified that God had him lay down and then Jesus took him to heaven to walk with him. He also got to see his grandpa who had passed away several months ago, but he said that Grandpa was much younger and looked healthy again. He described what Jesus looked like and what the angels singing sounded like.
     There is no doubt that Zander is changed for good.  He said that Jesus told him that his mission is not over yet and that he has work for him to do. This week Zander had a very detailed dream and woke up crying because he said he was so joyful because Jesus had taken him to heaven again and showed him signs of things that would come.





      We had an amazing year at VOA! Our 9-year-old daughter Ocean was in the Kids program, and she had a vision of heaven the first night, fell out in the Spirit on Thursday night and received the gift of tongues on Friday night! I also received more complete healing for a neck injury on Friday night during the prayer time. Not to mention all the amazing impartation times with Heidi, Randy, Will, etc. What a wonderful week, we are so thankful for the kids’ team and for the amazing people we met. Can't wait for Nashville! :)




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New Doctor of Ministry Opportunity!

Since 2011 Global Awakening has partnered with United Theological Seminary, recruiting and educating over 50 Kingdom minded ministry leaders. A new Doctor of Ministry group begins this August, so now is your chance to participate in these groundbreaking studies.

This is a fully accredited degree and you will need to have an accredited Masters of Divinity and three years of ministry experience in order to quality. Students with a Masters of Theology or a secular Masters can participate by first completing the Pre-Doctoral Program. For more information regarding the seminary, please visit

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