Obedience Brings Healing to Woman’s Spine

After service, on my way for snacks, a young female staff person was standing in the doorway sobbing. I didn’t know if someone had already prayed with her that she was emotional or what. So I just lightly touched her, walked through the doorway, and heard the Father say, “Are you walking past her and leaving my daughter in pain?” 

I turned back and heard Him say, “Pain in lumbar area L3-L5.” She was sobbing, didn’t understand English, so I put my hand lightly in that area. Another staff person came and motioned she was going for a translator. I nodded okay. I just commanded all pain, all traumas to go in Jesus’ name. I prayed for complete alignment of the discs, vessels, nerves, and spine. She started sobbing more yet she had a smile on her face. I knew she was feeling the Presence. A translator came and asked her how she was feeling. Her response was, “The second I commanded the pain to go, it did”. She felt tremendous heat and electricity up and down her body. She had this pain of 10+ for so long she couldn’t remember not being in pain. She had been on two pain medications several times a day for years to control it. She heard Randy speak about drug addicts being set free and she knew tonight was the night that Jesus was healing her and freeing her! Her pain was completely gone. She could bend over, touch her toes, twist, and turn – all without pain! I blessed her and we gave God the glory for healing her completely! – Jan

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