Outreach in the Clothing Store

I went out with other to do street ministry on Saturday morning in Marilia, Brazil. I was in a clothing store when an elder lady came in short of breath and walking with a cane. The interpreter and I asked if we could pray for her lungs and back and legs. She said yes. I prayed Isaiah 53, by his stripes we are healed. I commanded air sacs to open free and circulation to increase in lungs. I rebuked Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. I commanded chemical, mechanical, and electrical systems to be in divine order. I asked her to take a deep breath, and we saw 50% improvement in breathing. I prayed a second time, and we saw 100% breathing improved. Then I prayed for her back and legs to be strengthened and commanded circulation to increase. I commanded the pelvis to relax and rotate back into position. I commanded the spine and neck to line up, the shoulders to relax and rotate back into position, and leg muscles to relax, lengthen, and be equal. She had 100% healing in her back and legs, and felt stronger. She walked 15 feet without her cane. Her posture was straight. She walked with freedom. I asked if she had Jesus in her heart. She stated, “I have a church that I like.” I asked her if she wanted to receive Jesus. She said “yes” and prayed to receive Jesus and repented for sins and smoking and prayed for Jesus to be Savior and King in her heart and life. She was very happy now, and walked away using no cane. The client looked much more happy and peaceful. Amen. Thank you, Global Awakening, for this privilege of serving.    – Janet, Registered Nurse

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