Pain Caused by Sheath of Fascia & Tendon Healed

I met a woman with swollen, painful hands which came from her opening jars. I prayed the swelling, pain and inflammation to leave in Jesus’ name. Then she tested it out and felt better. Her pain level dropped from an 8 to a 5 or 6. At that point I “knew” that the pain started under her arm and was the result o of a tight sheath of fascia and tight tendon. I asked her test her underarm and indeed found that it was very sore. She winced in pain. So I commanded alignment and healing from her should down her whole arm.  The discoloration had faded. The swelling had gone down and the mobility was increasing. She reported a pain of 2 to 3 and we praised God in faith to complete her healing. – Teresa, musician

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