Pain from Auto-Immune Disease Goes After Forgiveness

A girl came up for prayer for an auto-immune disease. I asked her how long she had this problem. She said 4 years. I asked her if anything happened around that time that was challenging emotionally or circumstantially in her life. I quickly shared a testimony about my friend being healed of lupus after forgiving and being healed emotionally. She shared that she had caught her dad cheating on her mom around the same time 4 years ago. I asked if she would be willing to walk through forgiveness, explaining what forgiveness means – releasing expectations to God to gain freedom and release as God releases us. She said she would be willing to forgive again. We walked through forgiveness. Then I had her invite Holy Spirit into the pain of that situation. We invited the comforter. She wept and wept and wept. She said she felt emotionally better than before. I asked her how the pain in her legs were. She said it had decreased a lot but it still hurt below the knee (before it was the whole leg). We prayed again and all the pain was gone!

Karisa, Music Teacher

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