Pain from Multiple Health Problems Gone

I prayed for a lady called Elaine who wanted prayer for various things, she felt her weight caused her health problems. She could not stop overeating; it was causing her to have pain in her body. Her right arch and heel was in a lot of pain and her hips after child birth. She also said she has issues of blood when going to the bathroom.  I prayed for the arch of her foot and I felt heat coming from my hand. 

I asked her how she was doing and she said that pain in the arch had gone but still pain in the heel. I then prayed for her heel and once again felt heat and I knew she was healed and asked her and she said all the pain was gone. I then prayed for her overeating; I had a word of knowledge to ask her to ask the Lord what was the root cause. She asked the Lord and he gave her a memory of when she was a girl, and she remembered her mum kept saying she could not eat, because she will become fat. She cried because of that revelation. So I led her to forgive her mother and I broke the curse spoken over her. I prayed for her hips and told her she is no longer under the curse about childbirth and prayed blessing on her hips and for bleeding to stop. She went down in the Spirit and when she got up she was transformed and glowing. Praise Jesus– Raj

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