Pain in Backs Healed

We were praying over the people serving us dinner. One lady had pain in her back for 6 years and she could not bend over. We commanded, “pain I command you to leave this back in the name of Jesus”.  The pain left her, and she bent over and touched her toes. She was so excited; she bent over and placed her palms on the floor in front of her.

That same night I approached a man that had back pain for several years and he said, “oh someone on the team already prayed for me, you don’t need to pray”.  I said it is ok to pray more than one time if you are still in pain. He said ok and I had his wife put her hand on this back where it hurt and I put my hand over her and, we said in the name of Jesus we are going to pull this pain out of your back on the count of 3. So, we did a count down. 1, 2 and 3 and we both pulled our hands off his back like we were pulling something out of his back and he and his wife both felt something being pulled off his back. Then he said that the pain had moved to the other side of his back. So, I called out the spirit of affliction and said you have been found out and we are pulling you off his back on the count of 3. His wife put her hand again over his back and I put my hand over hers and I commanded the muscles to relax in his back and accept this healing in Jesus name, so on the count of 3, we both pulled out the spirit of affliction together and we all felt this being pullout of his back.  All his pain left, and he was bending from side to side and was 100% healed. -Nancy, Real Estate Appraiser

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