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Pain in Knees Disappears

One story that sticks in my mind is praying for a young woman who had damaged her knee playing handball. She was in constant pain. I prayed for her knee and the pain went down to a 4 , then I prayed again and it went completely! She had been sitting on the stage with her legs dangling down so immediately jumped down and started jumping on her knee! She was thrilled by what Jesus had done! 

I was so encouraged by this that when another woman came with pain in both knees I felt empowered. I prayed for her knees and the pain only went down to 8/9.  I prayed again and the same. Then she said that that wasn’t her biggest problem and went on to explain some emotional issue. I prayed about that and after some time came back to praying for the knees to find the pain level had gone down to a 2! 

Karen Marks, Retired

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