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Pain in Knees Goes and Sight Restored!

A lady came up wanting prayer for pain in her knees, acid reflux, diabetes, and cataracts in both eyes. The pain in her knees was at an eight. We prayed and the pain went down to a seven. We prayed again and the pain was completely gone in the right knee and had gone down significantly in her left knee.

Next we prayed for her eyes. She couldn’t read anything right in front of her face. We prayed three times and each time her sight got better. My translator and I held our name tags in front of her face and we would put it closer each time. We prayed one last time, and she could see clearly! Next we prayed for the acid reflux and diabetes. During the prayer she felt God doing something inside her arms. Throughout these prayers, her left knee pain was healed too! – Jess, Student

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