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Pain Leaves in a Woman’s Body

Every time I minister to someone, I ask for their name, and ask how I can pray for them. A lady told me her name and that she had pain in the right side of her body from her arm to her leg. I asked her to rate her pain from 1-10. I don’t remember the exact number, but I think it was between 7 and 10. Then I invited the Holy Spirit to come and commanded the pain and spirits of affliction to leave in Jesus’ name.  I prayed for her and the pain lessened, so I blessed what the Holy Spirit was doing and asked Him to increase it to 100% healing. After each prayer, I asked her to move her body as a step of faith. After two or three prayers, her pain was down to zero and she had received 100% complete healing from Jesus! Praise the Lord!

This process was repeated in a very similar manner for four other healings. I prayed for a young woman with stomach pain, a lady with a fever and headache, and a man with throat dryness and irritation. Every person was healed by Jesus after following the same prayer pattern that I mentioned above with Jane. Thank you, God! You are the Healer!

Sarah F, Bilingual Switchboard Operator

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