Painful Shoulders Restored

A young girl came up to me for prayer. She had pain on both of her shoulders. It came suddenly and she didn’t know why. I started to pray for her, rebuking the pain in Jesus name. I commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus. 

I asked her if it was any better and she said it was a 40% better so I prayed again. I was asking God to fill her with His love, joy, and peace. Then I rebuked the pain in Jesus name. After I asked her how her shoulders were and she said 80%. I thanked God for His healing and prayed for her shoulders to be healed in Jesus name. I asked her one more time how the pain was. She said it was totally gone. Then I told her she had a beautiful smile that lit up the room, and her smile was making me smile. She came back and told me that God reminded her about that her name is Beatriz which means smile and filled with joy. I told her to just keep smiling because her smile will light up a whole room. 

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