Pancreas Healed & Passing It On

I received a word of knowledge that God was going to heal some things regarding a pancreas. Two young women responded to that word. The first came up for prayer. She could speak English, so we didn’t need a translator. She has had diagnosis for 15 years. She got it 3 months after her grandmother died, so maybe from the trauma. We prayed and called forth a healing for her. She said she has been prayed for several times with no success. Tonight she felt heat in her abdomen. We prayed more, and she felt more in love with Jesus and full of faith. Then she helped translate for the next woman who also had diagnoses for 14 years. After prayer she felt significant heat in her abdomen. The first lady then prayed for the second, as she was learning the model for healing. She continued to pray for others after we left.   – Tom, Retired

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