Partially Deaf Ear Opened and Pain in Ear Healed

An elderly man came forward, pointing to both of his ears; unfortunately we didn’t have a interpreter so we couldn’t be certain the duration of his deafness and how deaf he was. However we did work out (through our limited Portuguese) that he was deaf in his right ear and had inflammation in his left ear and sinuses. First we commanded the right ear to open in Jesus’ name. We checked and he said it was 20% better, and he had a big smile on his face. We asked him if we could pray again. I laid my hand on his right ear and my husband cast out the spirit of deafness. After waiting on Holy Spirit and thanking God for the healing that had already taken place, we asked him again and he said it was now 30% better. 

We prayed again the same prayers as before and his said it was now 60% better! At this point an interpreter came over and confirmed that he felt it was 60% better and that sound was getting louder. He also confirmed that he would get frequent infections in his left ear causing inflammation to his ear and sinuses. We asked him through the interpreter if we could continue to pray and he agreed. The interpreter then moved on to help another team member. So we started to pray in tongues and my husband was blessing him and asking for more of Holy Spirit. The man fell down backwards into my husband, it really shocked us! My husband laid him on the floor and we blessed what God was doing. While on the floor he kept touching his right ear and then after about three or four minutes he sat up and smiled and covered his left ear (the one he could hear out of before). We assumed this meant he was testing his right ear so my husband backed away and whispered “Jesus te ama” on his right side and he turned his head and responded saying, “Obrigada Deus”, and was grinning. After checking a few more times he said he was completely healed. So then we asked about the inflammation in his left ear (we had prayed for this a bit whilst praying for the right ear but had not specifically concentrated on it) and he said that it felt completely better too! We then thanked the Lord together and blessed him. – Anna
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