Pastor’s Wife Healed through Word of Knowledge

Randy Clark asked us to get words of knowledge. I saw a picture of a knife piercing a woman’s shoulder. Later, I spoke that out. Maria came forward. We had prayed earlier for her foot, and she was healed. After I gave the word, the pastor brought her back up to me. He translated that she had a shoulder injury where a guy on a bicycle had hit her. A doctor had cut her shoulder and put pins in there. I prayed for the shoulder, and the pain moved down her arm. I knew it was a spirit of infirmity. The pain moved again. I went for inner healing. She forgave the man on the bicycle and repented of judgments. Then I asked her to picture Jesus in the moment. She could not see Him. I broke off the words of the enemy. She finally saw Jesus in the moment, and all her pain left. I blessed her, and she was experiencing the fire of God in her hands.

Dwight, Pastor

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