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Policeman, His Mother and a Neighbor Healed

I met a policeman and asked if I could pray for him or anyone in his family. He said we could pray for his mother who had a heart problem and he led us to a house with another couple in it. The woman was very reluctant to get prayer as she was Catholic.

After a few minutes she said we could pray for her right foot which was painful. We prayed and the pain left. She was surprised. She walked down a hallway, limping a little bit, but coming back with no limp. She said the pain was gone. Then she sat down and asked for prayer for her headache which apparently was a bad one. After prayer, the pain left. Then she got excited and said to pray for her neck which had a painful lump on the left side. We prayed and the pain left but the lump remained. We prayed three more times. There was still no pain but the lump remained. I invited her to the service that night to get more prayer. (Both she and her husband came to the service and responded to words of knowledge. I am not sure what happened but it was clear that treasure hunt opened door for them.)

After seeing his mother healed of the painful foot, headache, and pain in her neck, the policeman told us a story of how he was running through jungle chasing a criminal the previous night and his feet were sore. I asked if we could pray for his feet and he said yes. I asked if he had pain in his arches. He replied yes. We prayed and the pain left his feet.

A neighbor was watching all that happened. As we got ready to leave, he asked for us to pray for him. He had an allergic skin condition – a rash all over his body. We prayed and he said he felt a fire flow over his skin. We told him to check his body out. The rash still seemed to be there. We prayed again. This time he felt fire inside his body but the skin seemed the same. He did not have itchiness, etc, when we prayed so there seemed no physical change except the feeling of fire – Phil

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