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Prayer for Baby Leads to Freedom for Mother

Sandra asked for prayer for her 20-month-old baby girl who had enlarged lymph nodes. Her doctor recommended surgery; however, Sandra wanted her baby healed by God. 

We prayed for the baby but she was very shy and wouldn’t let me check her lymph nodes to see if God healed her. As I prayed, God gave me a word of knowledge that the baby had food allergies. The mom confirmed that the baby was difficulty digesting certain foods, so we prayed for that as well. Then God gave me another word of knowledge that the mom suffered from depression and I sensed that this was affecting her ability to care for her baby. I asked if I could pray for her after. I asked if she had any “heartache,” which she confirmed and welcomed prayer. This gave me the chance to share with her how good God was. He loved her so much that He revealed this to me because He had a desire to heal that area. She wept and then fell down in the Spirit. Her husband came over and noticed that there was prayer for the baby and was very happy about what we were doing. – Source Unknown

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