Prayer of Repentance

While flying to Brazil, I had a vision of a curly hair man with a blue polo with white horizontal stripes. We saw him today. He looked very mean and angry. I asked Matteo the translator to tell him I was a Christian practicing listening to God and I believed God wanted to touch him.  

We asked him if there was anything we could pray for. At first he said, “No,” then he said, “I’ll take a general prayer.” As I prayed he was visibly touched by the Holy Spirit. As we were about to leave he pulled us back and said on second thought pray for my marriage. It turned out that Luis had just come out of rehab and had an affair but came back to reconcile with his wife. We lead him through a prayer of repentance and prayed as the Lord led. When we finished, he was all smiles he said that after we prayed he felt light as a feather. 

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