Prayer of Salvation Leads to Deliverance

I prayed with a younger woman, Jacqueline, to receive Christ. After further interviewing, she told us that her grandma had committed suicide and that she and her mother were suicidal as well. 

I prayed for her breaking off any curse and binding any spirit of depression and suicide. I checked with her and she didn’t think there was any occult practice in her past. I prayed for Holy Spirit to fill her and she started to experience a deep peace and eventually fell. I checked with her and she was a lot better. I blessed what God was doing and laid hands on her head and asked God to rewire her mind. I prayed Philippians 4. She experienced heat and then felt full release. Then I prayed with her for her mom and gave her some pointers on how to pray and lay hands on her mom. My translator gave her a Bible, was going to mark Philippians 4 and would stay in touch.

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