Pregnant Woman With Migraines & Insomnia Healed & Saved

We were with Kim at a Church where they had very few people attend due to rain. When it was time to pray for healing a woman came up with her friend who said she was pregnant and had had a migraine for three days of along with insomnia. 

I started praying and releasing healing. I felt somehow weird. I commanded the pain to go and spoke peace to her muscles. Then I asked how she was doing and she said the pain was better, but still there. I prayed another time. When I asked again, she said the pain had moved to the back of her head. So I prayed again and commanded the afflicting spirit to go. At that time I felt there could have been something more to that and kind of was waiting for even a demonic manifestation. I stopped to interview and she told she felt dizzy. At that point it came to my mind to ask if she knew Jesus and was saved. She wasn’t. So after talking a little about being saved and what it meant I led her through prayer and she asked Jesus in her life. I also felt that she had a big fear in her life and she confirmed this. We took it to Jesus and I declared the love of Jesus to fill her so that the fear wouldn’t have any place in her anymore. The pain left and she felt peace and good. Yay Jesus!

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