Headache Healed; Abdominal Pain Goes!

Bruna had had a pretty bad headache earlier in the evening, but it left when Randy prayed from the stage.  But she also had bad abdominal pain, level 6. When we prayed, it went down to level 3 but didn’t go any lower.  I asked her if she needed to forgive anyone. She said her father.  

When her mother died a few years ago, her dad didn’t take up the slack in raising her and her siblings. She felt abandoned by him and was resentful. We led her in a prayer of forgiveness and blessing for him. Then I felt I should ask her if she or any family members had any occult involvement. She said that her aunt did, so we led her in a prayer of protection for herself. I then felt like God had called her to writing. When I asked her if she liked to write, she got a big smile on her face and said yes. I encouraged her to pursue it. She asked how. I gave her some ideas, and then prayed for God to give her wisdom and guidance on pursuing writing. She got all excited and blessed. When I asked her about the pain level in her abdomen, she looked startled (having forgotten all about it) and said there was no pain left! Then she really got excited. – Dave

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