Pulled Leg Muscles of Child Healed

A little boy and his dad came to us for prayer for his Mum’s Crohn’s disease. They had responded to a word of knowledge. 

When we prayed with them, Sam, the little boy, felt he had a word from the Lord saying that if he laid hands on his mum she would get well. We continued to pray with them that night and they both felt peaceful and God’s presence.

The following night Tom Jones said that during the worship we were going to have chairs down the front during worship and people could come down the front. Sam was the very first person to respond. When we asked him how he wanted us to pray, he said he had been running at school and pulled the muscles in his legs mainly on the right side and his joints hurt. We prayed several times and each time he saw an improvement until the pain had gone.

He also mentioned that he had gone home the night before and prayed for his mum after we had prayed for her healing. He had prayed with her, and that day she had been up out of bed and they had taken her out for lunch. This was big deal to him as she hadn’t been out in a while. I had asked his dad earlier that day how she was and he confirmed that she had seen a slight improvement. She was very sick with Crohn’s disease and also some other conditions. The dad said he had received a word from the Lord before Sam was born that he will reach thousands with the gospel.

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