Releasing Joy with Prophetic Action

After Pastor Randy called for the team to pray for people in the audience, my daughter Kristen and I, with the help of a Brazilian man who spoke some English, found a row of young men. They did not appear deeply engaged, so we offered to pray for them one at a time. The first one was immediately blasted as he began to shake, then bow over, and finally fall out in the Spirit. The Brazilian man translating for us helped the young man to lay down on the chairs, and he began crying out loudly. The second young man stood up for prayer, and we asked if he wanted filled with the Holy Spirit. He nodded, and the Lord Jesus overwhelmed him as well. He fell back in his chair under the power of the Spirit. The third young man said he had a lot of anger and anxiety. We told him to take each of the concerns causing him anxiety and throw them to the Father like a ball. The Father will catch those concerns and carry them. The Father loves him and wants to help him. He did this prophetic act and began to laugh. After this, we prayed for him to be filled to overflowing, and he began to speak  in tongues for the first time. He had a lot of joy. The man translating for us grew in boldness, zeal, and joy with each person we prayed for. We sensed religious spirits were breaking off as we had them do prophetic acts, and the Holy Spirit manifested laughter. Someone brought us a woman who had anxiety. We told her to take in her hands (prophetically) everything casing her anxiety and place it in a basket. I held my arms like a basket. She started laughing. As she named each thing and “slam-dunked” them in the basket, we cheered her on. She laughed really hard. Then we prayed for peace over her mind. The Lord Jesus touched her, and she said she felt light. Another woman standing nearby watching wanted prayer for the children of the church to be filled with the Spirit. We prayed for her, and she fell out in the Spirit. It was such a joy to partner with the Brazilian man and watch him grow in zeal and boldness with each person we prayed over. There was a young teenage girl who came to me with a translator and said, “I was watching you pray for people with freedom and power. I really liked it. Thank you for coming.” I hugged her, and she skipped off with her hands raised.    – Rhonda, ESL Chinese Ministry Facilitator

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