Releasing Words of Life

I prayed for two ladies last night, 12/11/19. Both were emotionally distressed. The first lady, about 34 years of age, was suffering from abandonment but was not wishing to discuss it. I prayed the love of the Father over her, how much He cares for her and will never leave her nor will He forsake her. She began to shake as Holy Spirit took total control and down she went. I walked over to the second lady, and she was standing like a brick wall, not wanting to speak to anyone. Holy Spirit showed her situation to me. I said to her, “God loves you, and He cares for you very much. God sees your heart, and the good things you have for many people.” Yet no one appreciated her or the service she provided to them.  She then began to shake desperately as Holy Spirit took control, and she came down.  I assured her of His love for her and that God is going to repay every good deed that came from her heart on to others.

Mary, Retired

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