Relieved from Pain in Hands, Legs and Feet

A woman perhaps in her 50s came forward. Her hands and her feet both looked quite swollen. Teresa and I were praying for her together with a translator. She closed her eyes and just expected us to pray but we asked the translator to ask her what she wanted prayer for. She held out her hands and her feet and said she had pain in her hands, feet and legs and a problem with her heart. I felt like we should pray for her legs first, so I asked her if that would be okay. I knelt and put my hand around her leg and Teresa put her hand on her shoulder while I was praying. After praying for a couple minutes, we asked the translator to ask her how she was feeling. She stopped rocking back and forth, opened her eyes, and said she felt like her legs were burning. Carter came over at that time and he also put his hand on her and prayed for her and he said, “that’s good that your legs are burning”. I knelt and prayed for her legs some more. She was rocking back and forth quite a bit now. I stood, put my hand on her heart, and we prayed for her heart commanding all the swelling and the pain in her body to go. She continued to rock back and forth with her eyes closed for quite a while and we finally asked the translator to tell her to open her eyes and tell us how she was feeling now. She said the pain had decreased and she seemed very happy. We said praise God and we told her to also praise Jesus for what he did. – Gayle 

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