Repentance Leads to Healing of Multiple Types of Pain

Caitlin, 23, suffered from mild arthritis, sciatic pain in both legs, intermittent nerve pain going down her arms to her hands when picking up heavy objects and stress. She told me she had broken her collarbone when she was around seven or eight years old by falling from a swing while holding her toddler nephew on her lap. 

I sensed that Caitlin felt guilty for the fall so long ago with her nephew and asked her about it. She said that she did feel guilty. I led her in a prayer of repentance, asking forgiveness for bearing this burden and not turning it over to Jesus. Then I prayed commanding each of her health issues to leave in Jesus’ name. Caitlin felt the afflicting spirit move in her body. It took about six prayers before all her pain and emotional stress left her. Caitlin praised Jesus for her healing and gave me a tight hug. How great is our God that He takes all our cares and heals every affliction! – Stephanie 

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