Ringing Ears are Silenced, Pain in Arm Gone

The Lord gave me a word of knowledge concerning ringing in the ears. Several people came up to be prayed for. Two of them testified of immediate healing (no more noise). One lady said that it was only when she was in a quiet place, that she would be able to tell the difference. I asked her to come back the following morning to tell me of any improvement. She came back on Sunday morning after service to tell me that she had a lot of improvement. The loud ringing noise had stopped entirely, but she could still hear some hissing sound in the night. I prayed with her and told her to check it out after the service at home. When she came in the afternoon she had brought her husband. He said he had a shoulder injury which caused him pain from the elbow. He could not move his hand a certain direction without pain. I laid hands on him and prayed for the pain to leave. After the first prayer he was able to move his hand more, but still had some pain. After the second time praying the pain was gone and he could move his hand around freely. Glory to God!  -Joseph and Joyce

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