Ringing in Ear and Loss of Hearing Temporarily Relieved.

I had a sudden, brief ringing in my right ear and want to my roommate who suffered from hearing loss and ringing in her ears. I asked if I could pray for her. Two other team members joined us. One imparted waves of healing heat into her ears. I smelled a scent of mothballs and prayed for the old to be replaced with new. I commanded healing and asked Jesus to restore her hearing. 


I commanded the ringing to leave and when her words of agreement and decreeing of healing became scrambled, I commanded the spirits of confusion, deafness and muteness to leave and broke their power in Jesus name. Then a third team member who had been healed of hearing loss commanded healing. We commanded the spirits of distraction, deception, affliction and infirmity to leave. With all this my roommate had experienced temporary relief. We prayed faith to stand in her healing and recommended that she recite healing scriptures aloud. We blessed her to hear God without blockages in Jesus’ name. The pain and ringing returned. So we will keep praying. – Teresa, musician

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