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Rotator Cuff Damage Supernaturally Repaired

In Marilia, Brazil, Wagner, approximately 38-years-old, complained of left rotator cuff damage and calcium deposit with much pain in the left shoulder and neck. I prayed Isaiah 53:4-5 over Wagner. I command the electrical, chemical, and mechanical systems in the body to be in divine order. I commanded circulation to increase. I commanded shoulders to relax, rotate back into position. I invited Holy Spirit to come and heal this shoulder and felt His love immediately. Wagner was 10% better. I prayed a second time and began to feel tingling in my hands. There was 80% improvement from pain and spasms in left shoulder. I prayed over the shoulder again; that was healed 95%. He prayed to forgive his father for being distant and not saying “I love you, son.” With emotional issues healed, Wagner’s face lit up. He was very happy. I saw Wagner 4 hours later, and he had 100% healing of pain and spasms. Now he has free function of his left shoulder and rotator cuff.      – Janet, Registered Nurse

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