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Salvation Breaks Strongholds

A man brought his wife for prayer. She was a Buddhist. They said everything was going wrong. She and the children kept getting sick and they had to spend a lot of money on medicine.

The husband was a Christian. I told her that God was a jealous God and that was probably why thing were going wrong. I told her that God answers prayers, but Buddha was just a concrete statue and asked her how many times it had spoken to her. I told her that she could pray to Jesus and He would answer her. (He husband was nodding frantically at this point.) I asked her if she would like to invite Jesus into her life. She said yes and I led her to Christ. I then told her she could now ask God to heal her from the pain she had. God obliged and she was healed. I prayed for them as a couple and asked for blessings on their marriage.
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