Christian Healing Certification Program (CHCP)

Since the late 1990s, Randy Clark has been concerned that the hospitals of America were moving away from their Christian heritage and were looking to alternative healing practices rooted strongly in anti-Christian beliefs. For more than half a century anti-Christian groups that believed in healing had been attempting to gain recognition, power, and authority in the hospitals of American. They focused on having studies on their methods of healing published in scientific peer-reviewed journals. Meanwhile, the Christian community was asleep, not realizing how important it was to get studies on the efficacy of Christian prayer completed and published in the medical journals. Randy even found a letter online from the co-founder of Therapeutic Touch, Dora Kunz. She stated that they were going to publish their studies, but the Christians wouldn't. She was accurate in her statement; Christians wouldn't take the time to do such studies - we did not realize the importance of such studies until recently.

Today alternative energy healing practices are advertised by many hospitals in America, and some insurance companies will pay for the Reiki or Therapeutic Touch. Some of the advertising is very misleading. Often it will say something like, "Learn to heal like Jesus with the laying on of hands." Did you ever wonder why Jesus is used in these ads? Could it be that he was the most famous healer in world history, and could it be that the advertising agents know that many Americans are either Christian or have a Christian heritage. Referencing Jesus is a good marketing strategy. The big problem is that out of all the healing modalities mentioned by the National Institute of Health, there is only one that really is Biblically sound. It isn't Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, or Healing Touch; to truly heal as Jesus did, the only method is intercessory prayer.

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